San Bernardino Police Brutality Alleged by Man Who Claims He Has Video Evidence

March 17, 2011,

In a federal lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County, Dennis Cruz is suing San Bernardino County and several sheriff's deputies for excessive use of force. He says he has videotaped evidence.

In his San Bernardino County police brutality complaint, Cruz contends that police assaulted him on March 6, 2009. He says that while at a Circle K in Hesperia, a deputy came up to him to ask for his driver's license. The cop then asked him if he belonged to the El Salvadorean gang Mara Salvatrucha before threatening to have him deported.

Cruz, who is not a US citizens has Temporary Protected Status. This means that the Department of Homeland Security allowed him to stay here while it remains unsafe for him to go back home.

The plaintiff claims that after the deputy drove him to the sheriff's building, an officer pushed his head against the wall while five deputies assaulted and restrained him. Cruz was later charged with assaulting a cop. He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Unnecessary and excessive use of police force is misconduct and may be considered an act of police brutality. Sometimes a police officer may exert excessive force while doing his/her job, such as when detaining a suspect or trying to calm a crowd. It doesn't matter what the reason. It is wrong for a cop to ever use excessive force, which is a violation of the victim's rights and can cause serious California personal injuries.

If you believe that a cop used unnecessary force when questioning, arresting, detaining, or holding you in custody, do not be afraid to talk to a San Bernardino County personal injury lawyer to find out if you have grounds for a case. Law enforcement officers have a responsibility not to abuse their authority. Unfortunately, police brutality does happen.

Man Claims He has Videotape of San Bernardino Deputies Beating Him Unconscious, LA Weekly, March 14, 2011

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