Costa Mesa Priest Sued for Orange County, California Child Sex Abuse on Trial

June 16, 2011,

In 2009, our Anaheim personal injury lawyers reported on our blog site about a California sex abuse settlement reached between the Roman Catholic Diocese of California and a Fountain Valley man who says that a reverend named Denis Lyons sexually abused him. The diocese has shelled out over $4 million dollars to settle Orange County, California clergy sex abuse claims over Lyons. Earlier this week, Los Angeles Times reported that Lyons was about to stand trial over criminal charges alleging lewd acts on a child under 14.

The 77-year-old is accused of sexually abusing a 7-year-old parishioner in the church rectory and sacristy at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in 1992. He allegedly sexually abused the boy four times while the child was attending the Costa Mesa parish school.

Lyons, who was arrested in July 20, 2009, has pleaded not guilty to the four felony counts. Criminal charges were also brought against him in 2003 for the alleged molestation of a child under 14. The incidents are said to have occurred between 1978 and 1981 but that lawsuit was dropped after the US Supreme Court decided that a California law getting rid of the statute of limitations in sex abuse cases is not retroactive.

Under state law, the statute of limitations for a sex abuse victim to file a California sex abuse lawsuit is his/her 26th birthday or until within three years following discovery or when the victim should have reasonably discovered that psychological injury or illness occurred from the abuse. In addition to the perpetrator, entities or individuals that owed a child a duty of care but were negligent, which resulted in the sex abuse being able to happen, can also be held liable.

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